Healthy Weight for Life!

Healthy Weight for Life is a weekly nutrition program developed and taught by Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen, based on scientific evidence. Obesity is a major health problem, linked to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and some forms of cancer. Gradual natural lifestyle changes along with team support can make a big difference in your weight management! Take this weight program not only to lose weight, but to restore your vibrant health!

The Healthy Weight for Life program is also available online as a webinar series. You can take this life-changing nutrition program from the comfort of your own home, to lose weight or improve your health!

Class Topics

This exciting, life-changing and affordable nutrition program covers these 11 topics:

  1. Nutrition, Communication, and Lifestyle Solutions
  2. Body Mass Index, Goal Setting, and Healthy Food Plan
  3. Healthy Heart and Cholesterol Control
  4. Defeat Disorders and Improve Digestion
  5. Remove Cravings and Stabilize Blood Sugar
  6. Essential Fatty Acids: Good Fats and Bad Fats
  7. Balance Your Hormones
  8. Protein Nutrition and Food Combination
  9. Osteoporosis Prevention and Healthy Bone Program
  10. Stress Management
  11. Acid Alkaline Balance
  12. Healthy Food Workshop


From students of Healthy Weight for Life:

  • "Less tired and more energy." -Patty, Bonnie and Mary.
  • "Drop in weight and body fat, less indigestion and heart burn, less pain in legs, blood pressure reduced to more normal range." -Maria
  • "I have more energy and my clothes fit better." -Beth
  • "No more heartburn, and sleeping better." -Mary
  • "I have more energy, better sleep pattern and reduced postnasal drip." - Clare
  • "I have had pain in my right foot, ankle, arch, heel and that has gone away. I have less reflux at night." -S.D.
  • "I lost weight and now I can digest my food properly." -Connie
  • "Clothes fit better, sleeping better and not tired mid-afternoon." -Carolyn
  • "Not only did I lose weight, I am not suffering from hunger, I have more energy, and I'm simply happier about myself."
  • "This is better than winning the lotto, my total cholesterol dropped 80 points and LDL (bad cholesterol) dropped 80 points, too." -Mary